Path of the Primordial Predator

The traditions of kraidyl hunters are the same as those of their reptilian ancestors—deadly speed, patient stealth, fierce savagery, and brutal force. While the hunters of the Underworld are wont to follow many primitive paths, most embrace the ways of their past and become primordial predators, supplementing their powerful physical forms with ancient tactics that epitomize why it is these scions of death are so feared.

Savage Jaws

Starting when you choose this path at 3rd level, your bite attack becomes deadlier, increasing its base damage to 1d8 + your Strength modifier. Additionally, your bite attack scores a critical hit on a roll of 19 or 20.

Primordial Frenzy

Beginning at 6th level, your primitive wrath allows you to enter a frenzy when you rage. If you do, you may not use any manufactured weapons, but may make a single melee weapon attack with your natural weapons as a bonus action on each of your turns after this one. You may not spare the life of any creature when reducing it to 0 hit points while in a primordial frenzy.

While in such a primordial frenzy, you do not suffer from the profane healing drawback. When your rage ends, you suffer one level of exhaustion.

Savage Grab

Starting at 10th level, whenever you hit a creature of no more than one size larger than you with your bite attack, it is automatically considered to be grappled.

(Escape DC = 8 + your proficiency bonus + your choice of Strength or Dexterity modifier). Until this grapple ends, the target creature is restrained and you can’t bite another target. Unlike other uses of grappling, this does leave the kraidyl’s hands free, but any attacks made with them while grappling a creature with the bite are made at disadvantage. Additionally, you increase the base damage of your bite to 2d6 + your Strength modifier and your speed is no longer halved when moving grappled creatures with you.

Death Roll

At 14th level, you may grapple foes of up to two sizes larger than you. While in a primordial frenzy, you may, as part of moving a creature grappled with your bite, elect to render the grappled creature prone. You may choose to move only at half your speed while doing so, performing death rolls—if you do, you inflict double bite damage on the target, as you thrash around with it in savage death rolls. For every 2 death rolls performed in a primordial frenzy beyond the first, you increase the level of exhaustion suffered after the primordial frenzy has ended by +1. If you also have an ability that enhances grappling at the cost of being retrained while pinning creatures, you no longer are considered restrained while doing so.

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