The abilities of certain sorcerers manifest as psychic powers – weird mystical talents that operate differently from normal magic. Creatures that gain these powers are most commonly called “psychics”. Some creatures may even evolve these powers as a means of survival in the harsh, post-apocalyptic wastelands.

Mind Magic

When you gain this feature at 1st level, you may choose to use Intelligence for the Spellcasting feature and your chosen metamagic options instead of Charisma. This decision is permanent.

Psychic Spellcasting

At 1st level, your magic comes from your own mental manipulation of the world, rather than from an external source like the Weave. You know one of the following can trips of your choice: friends, mage hand, or message. If you choose friends, the duration is extended to 5 minutes. If you choose mage hand, the hand is invisible and can lift up to 20 pounds. If you choose message, you can target any specific creature within range, even if you do not know their exact location.

The Psychic Sorcerer Spells table contains spells that seem to come easily to psychics. When you cast a spell on the Psychic Sorcerer Spells table that has both verbal and somatic components, you only need to provide one of those components, and you do not need to provide material components that do not have a specific cost. Additionally, all spells listed on this table count as sorcerer spells that you may learn.

Mindful Manipulation

At 6th level, choose one of the following options:

  • Empath. When a creature you can see causes you to lose or regain hit points, you can spend one or more sorcery points as a reaction to cause that creature to take psychic damage or regain hit points equal to half the hit points you lost or regained, to a maximum of 5. This maximum increases by 5 for each additional sorcery point you spend above one.
  • Telepath. If a creature would roll its saving throw to avoid being charmed by you with advantage, you can spend two sorcery points to negate its advantage as if you had imposed disadvantage upon it.
  • Telekinetic. When you cast a spell that lets you magically move inanimate objects, you may spend a sorcery point. The maximum size category for objects you can lift with the spell is increased by one step, and you may also target objects that are being held or worn, if you were not able to before. The creature wearing or holding the object may use their reaction to attempt a Strength saving throw against your spell saving throw DC to prevent the object from being moved.
Psychic Sorcerer Spells
Spell Level Spells
1st charm person, command, comprehend languages, detect magic, feather fall, hideous laughter, mage armor, sleep
2nd calm emotions, detect thoughts, enthrall, hold person, levitate, locate object, see invisibility, shatter, suggestion
3rd clairvoyance, fear, hypnotic pattern, sending, slow, tongues
4th arcane eye, compulsion, confusion, dominate beast, locate creature, phantasmal killer
5th animate objects, dominate person, hold monster, modify memory, scrying, seeming, telekinesis, telepathic bond, wall of force
6th eyebite, irresistible dance, mass suggestion, true seeing
7th divine word, forcecage, reverse gravity, teleport
8th antipathy/sympathy, dominate monster, feeblemind, glibness, mind blank, power word stun, telepathy
9th foresight, power word kill, time stop, weird

Mental Defense

Starting at 14th level, you gain resistance to psychic damage. When you make an Intelligence, Wisdom, or Charisma saving throw, you may spend two sorcery points to gain advantage on the roll.

Iron Mind

At 18th level, when you are concentrating on a spell from the Psychic Sorcerer Spells table and you must make a Constitution saving throw to maintain concentration, you can expend sorcery points equal to the level of the spell and automatically succeed on the saving throw.

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