You are what is called a psychurge, a spellcaster gifted with rare and strange powers. Through the sheer power of your mind, you can unleash psychic energies allowing you to interface and interact with the weave of profane magic and create effects similar to spells. Obviously, this approach sets you apart from other profane spellcasters, including fellow sorcerers.

Little is known about the origin of these aptitudes, but certain scholars have noticed similarities with powers found among aberrations like aboleths. Proceeding from this, surmising that vestiges of the Netherworld may have altered the mental abilities of these individuals can appear as the logical conclusion, and it is precisely what some theorists believe.

Psychic Vicissitudes

Every time you cast a sorcerer spell, spend sorcery points, or use a psychic magic feature with limited uses, the leader can have you roll a d20. If you roll a 1, you suffer a more or less severe madness effect (see the table on the right). If you roll a 20, you are granted a psychic boon (see the table below).

In the case of madness, roll on the Madness Effect table to determine the severity of your madness:

Whatever madness effect you suffer, roll twice on the corresponding table and keep either of the two rolls (your choice).

If you get the same effect twice, keep the one with the shortest duration. Madness effects are covered in Grimoire.

In the case of a boon, roll on the Psychic Boon table.

Madness Effect
d20 Madness Effect
1 Indefinite madness
2-5 Long-term madness
6-20 Short-term madness
Psychic Boon
d20 Psychic Boon
1 You regain all expended sorcery points.
2 You have advantage on all saving throws until you finish a long rest.
3 You have advantage on all attack rolls until you finish a long rest.
4 You regain two expended sorcerer spell slots of your choice.
5 For the next minute, creatures have disadvantage on saving throws against sorcerer spells you cast.
6 The intensity of your stare becomes such that for the next minute, enemies affected by your spells are frightened of you until the spell or this Boon ends (whichever comes first).
7 For the next minute, you cast all your sorcerer spells as if you had spent a spell slot two levels higher (to a maximum of 9th level).
8 You and up to seven willing creatures of your choice within 30 feet are under the effect of telepathic bond until you finish a long rest.
9 You are under the effect of greater invisibility for one minute. You do not need to concentrate on this spell to maintain it and can end it with a bonus action.
10 You have advantage on all ability checks until you finish a long rest.
11 You regain a number of hit points equal to twice your level.
12 Until you finish a long rest, you can cast dominate person on a single humanoid of your choice. The target has disadvantage on its saving throw.
13 Until you finish a long rest, you can cast dominate monster on a single creature of your choice. The target has disadvantage on its saving throw.
14 You are under the effect of comprehend languages for a week.
15 Until you finish a long rest, you can cast modify memory on a creature of your choice. The target has disadvantage on its saving throw.
16 You are immune to psychic damage for 1d10 days (the leader rolls the duration secretly).
17 You are immune to enchantment effects and to being charmed or frightened for 1d10 days (the leader rolls the duration secretly).
18 Your Charisma increases by 3 (to a maximum of 25) until you finish a long rest.
19 Your Charisma permanently increases by 1. If it is already equal to or above 20, your Wisdom or Intelligence (choose randomly) increases by 1 (to a maximum of 20).
20 Roll twice on this table and apply both results. If you roll 20 again, do not apply this effect and reroll.

Ancestral Memory

At 1st level, your unfathomable ancestry gifts you with a strange form of atavistic memory. In addition to your personal knowledge, you are able to draw information from a bizarre, disturbing subconscious memory. You become proficient in Arcana and History. Additionally, your proficiency bonus is doubled for any ability check you make that uses either of those skills.

Deep Memory

When a psychurge focuses to delve for information related to Arcana or History, they close their eyes and mentally see themselves going down into a vast cavern lit by bioluminescence. They are surrounded by strange, sinuous carvings, like finger drawings in wet clay. They reach a subterranean lake, which they know to be the sanctuary of deep memory. Drinking the water, they feel like they experience a living part of the past. However, when they open their eyes, only the knowledge, not the memories, remains. It is as if they were waking up from an already partly forgotten dream.

Inner Focus

Beginning at 1st level, your whole magic is rooted in your psyche, your brain acting as an arcane focus.

You can ignore the verbal and somatic components of your sorcerer spells, as well as any material components that lack a cost and aren’t consumed by a spell.

Strength of the Mind

Starting at 6th level, your mental fortitude and brain training allow you to steel yourself against threats. When you must make a saving throw, you can use your reaction and spend 2 sorcery points to alter your metabolism for one minute. For the duration of this effect, whenever you must make a saving throw, you can substitute it for a Charisma saving throw.

Mental Leap

Beginning at 14th level, you can escape danger right before it reaches you. When you take damage or suffer a condition, you can use your reaction and spend 2 sorcery points to teleport up to 30 feet to an unoccupied space that you are familiar with or can see. If your new position takes you away from the attack or effect, you are unaffected by the damage or condition. As the teleportation takes place a split-second before you are affected, this feature can allow you to escape melee or ranged attacks, area-of-effect spells, and even powers that hit automatically like magic missile.

Psychic Awareness

At 18th level, you have refined your psychic powers to such a degree that you can detect the presence and position of any creature with an Intelligence score of 3 or more within a 120-foot radius. Barriers and obstacles do not hinder this feature, and nothing short of a mind blank spell can protect against it.

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