Raven-Blooded Sorcerous Bloodline

The ancient blood of Huginn and Muninn flows strong within you, and your magic springs forth from the well of these ancient corvid servants to Wotan: you draw upon secrets, infuse your blades with magic, and sail among the clouds. Before the war on Yggdrasil and the exile from Vanaheim, your ancestors held great favor and power among the Unkindnesses of the All-Father, and you are an heir to that legacy.

Except as noted below, raven-blooded sorcerers function as sorcerers and use the sorcerer spell list.

Blade of Eiwaz

At 1st level, your deep connection to the symbolic magic of Midgard, such as runes and hieroglyphs, allows you to imbue your specially marked weapon with one of your spells. The spell uses a slot normally and cannot be higher than 4th level. Imbuing the spell consumes the spell slot, and it cannot be augmented with sorcery points at the time it is imbued. When you make a successful attack with the imbued weapon, you may discharge the spell on the target and may not augment the discharged spell with sorcery points. The imbued weapon loses the spell if used by someone you do not designate as an ally. You cannot imbue ammunition, like arrows or bolts. Imbued weapons lose their effect when you take a long rest, and any spent spell slots are recovered.

In addition, you are proficient with khopesh, longswords, and shortswords.

Trickster’s Lesson

Beginning at 1st level, as a bonus action, you may sacrifice a spell slot or a sorcery point to gain advantage on the next Charisma skill check you make. You lose this benefit if you take a long rest. You may use this ability a number of times equal to your Charisma modifier, and you regain all expended uses when you finish a long rest. If you roll a 20 when making this check, the use of the ability is not expended.

In addition, you speak Huginn’s Speech, or Ghuraab as it is called in the Southlands.

Read The Skein of Fate

At 6th level, you have advantage on saving throws against divination magic, and you may spend a sorcery point to gain advantage on a Dexterity saving throw.

In addition, you may cast anticipate attack, divination, major image, or sidestep arrow as a reaction by spending 2 sorcery points.

Ride The Winds of the Nine Realms

At 14th level, you gain the ability to once again swiftly traverse the skies. You may spend 3 sorcery points to cast wind walk.

In addition, when you cast an illusion spell, you may spend 2 sorcery points to increase the DC by 2.

Ready Blade of Ragnarok

Beginning at 18th level, there is no limit to the level of the spell you can imbue in your weapon using your Blade of Eiwaz ability. You may maintain this spell in the weapon between long rests by spending 4 sorcery points at the end of your long rest. As a part of a successful attack where you discharge the spell, you may augment it using sorcery points.

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