For some cultures, death is a thing to be feared, and as such, those cultures’ gods of death are often figures of foreboding and evil. For others, death is merely a transition, and the gods of death are shepherds of souls, carrying them on to the next realm. For clerics of this latter kind of death god, the Repose domain represents the gifts of these gods, focusing on ensuring that malign forces do not interrupt the natural cycle of life and death.

Clerics with the Repose domain also gain mastery over many things that are a part of death, such as stillness, unawareness, and nonexistence. More than anything, clerics of the Repose domain excel at seeking out the abomination that is the undead, and correcting the flaw that their existence has introduced into the natural order.

Table: Repose Domain Spells
Cleric Level Spells
1st false life, sleep
3rd gentle repose, hold person
5th glyph of warding, speak with dead
7th banishment, death ward
9th raise dead, hold monster

Power of the Grave

When you choose this domain at 1st level, you learn two necromancy cantrips chosen from any class’s spell list.

Barring Death’s Door

Also starting at 1st level, creatures that you are friendly to that are within 60 feet of you have advantage on death saving throws.

Channel Divinity: Sense Undead

Starting at 2nd level, you can use your Channel Divinity to sense undead creatures and seek them out unerringly using your divine senses.

As an action, you present your holy symbol and speak the mystic words, granting yourself a sense of unlife nearby. For the next minute, you know the direction of the nearest undead creature within 60 feet of you, but not its distance from you. You can sense the presence and direction of undead that are ethereal, invisible, disguised, or hidden, as well as those in plain sight. The effect ends if you become unconscious.

Restore the Natural Order

Beginning at 6th level, your cleric level is treated as being 6 higher than it actually is for the purposes of the Destroy Undead cleric feature.

Powerful Spellcasting

Beginning at 8th level, when you deal damage with any cleric cantrip, add your Wisdom modifier to the damage.

Sanctity of Death

Starting at 17th level, when a creature within 60 feet of you dies, for 1 day the creature’s body cannot be reanimated as, or transformed into, an undead creature.

Additionally, spells and monsters cannot create undead creatures within 60 feet of you.

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