Resonant Body

You are a conduit for the power that exists in sounds and vibrations, your body a living tuning fork capable of emitting, focusing, muting, and transmuting sound and sonic forms of magic.

Perhaps you endured overexposure to transmutation magic, arcane thunder, or the ear-splitting cries of an androsphinx, bukavac, or avalanche screamer. Maybe you can trace your lineage to an ancestor who spent an extended period on a plane dominated by elemental lightning and thunder or by unceasing screams of madness; you yourself may have been born on such a cacophonous plane. Alternately, you or a forebear may have suffered prolonged exposure to the deafening thunderclaps of a bronze dragon’s lair. Or you may even have been experimented on by aboleths or other maniacal spellcasters, escaping before the transformation was complete.

Whatever its source, resonant magic infuses your very existence, causing you to manifest one or more unusual characteristics. At your option, you can create a quirk or roll a d6 and consult the Resonant Body Quirks table to determine a quirk for your character that deals thunder damage, the creature takes half the cantrip’s damage but suffers no additional effect from the cantrip.

Moreover, you can increase the power of some of your spells. When you cast a sorcerer spell of 1st through 5th level that deals thunder damage, you can cause the spell to maximize its damage dice. Once you use this feature, you shouldn’t use it again until you finish a long rest. Each time you use it again, you take 2d12 force damage for each level of the spell you cast. This force damage ignores any resistance or immunity to force damage you might have

Resonant Body Quirks
d6 Quirk
1 You emit a faint hum, audible to any creature within 5 feet of you.
2 In response to natural or magical thunder, your body flickers into brief transparency with the sound of each thunderclap.
3 Beasts with the Keen Hearing trait initially respond aggressively when you come within 30 feet of them.
4 If you hold a delicate, nonmagical glass object such as a crystal wine glass for longer than one round, the object shatters.
5 Every time you speak, your voice randomly changes in pitch, tone, and/or resonance, so that you never sound quite the same.
6 When another living creature touches you, you emit a brief, faint tone like a chime, the volume of which increases with the force of the touch.
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