Sand Sorcery

Your magic gives you a connection to the sifting sands. You can hear the heart of the desert pulsing, you can sense the motions of the beaches, and you know the secrets of the wind, stone, sand, mountain, and valley.

Primordial Speech

You gain proficiency with Primordial, including its dialects.

Stride The Sands

You do not expend extra movement for difficult terrain as long as you are on solid ground, including dirt or sand. You do not benefit in mud, snow, and so forth.

Blasting Sands

Beginning at 6th level, when you cast a spell that deals bludgeoning, piercing, or slashing damage, you can add your Charisma modifier to one damage roll of that spell. At the same time, you can spend 1 sorcery point to gain resistance to non-magical bludgeoning, piercing, and slashing damage for 1 hour.

Shifting Sands

Beginning at 14th level, your movement rate on solid ground (as above) increases by 30 feet, and you gain the ability to fly at a speed of 30 feet as long as you remain within 60 feet of solid ground.

Sand Form

Beginning at 18th level, you can spend 6 sorcery points as a bonus action to take on a form of shifting sand. While in this form, you have resistance to all damage except force and fire damage, and you can move through other creatures and around objects as though they were difficult terrain as long as there is a space at least 1 inch wide to squeeze through. You can remain in sand form up to 1 minute, or until you are incapacitated or dead.

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