Sargasso Siren (Warlock Pact, Merfolk Only)

A siren is a scornful merfolk looking for love. That is their desperate goal. They use their beautiful song to pull others close enticing them to stay. When the object of their affection attempts to leave the siren loses control and lashes out using the water as their personal weapon. Betrayal and heartbreak motivate these powerful merfolk. The ancestors of sargasso sirens once had beautiful feathers and wings and lived in the heavens. When the gods asked them to compete with the muses in song they lost. The muses plucked the siren’s feathers to make crowns and cast them to the sea. The sirens passed down the power and magic of song as a curse to those who would not love them. Slowly living in the oceans, the sirens evolved into merfolk replacing their featherless wings with tails.

Special: Only merfolk can make the sargasso siren pact.

You can choose to have your eldritch blast spell deal cold or thunder damage instead of its normal damage type each time you cast it.

Eldritch blast no longer has somatic components, but its verbal component becomes a song. This song has no mechanical effect, but cunning foes may recognize this as a siren’s song.

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