Sea Witch

Master of wind and wave, the sea witch is an invaluable crewmember for any ship. These spellcasters have long been known for their dedication to protecting their ship and crew at any cost. They are trained not only to command the elements of the sea, but also to summon and control its beasts.

Arcane knowledge is irrelevant for the sea witch, only extensive time spent at sea awakens the sea witch to the power that sings within the motion of the waves and the silence of the deeps.

Sea witches tend to rapidly rise to positions of power on any ship on which they find themselves. In fact, a ship without a sea witch as part of its crew is at a severe disadvantage. Fleets led by sea witches often control key trade routes. This control gives them a near monopoly on certain commodities, such as jade or rare spices. As a result, sea witches gain reputations as master merchants, as well as effective spellcasters. Sea witches can be of any alignment and religious background. Older sea witches might retire to isolated islands, which they guard fiercely, though it is far more common for them to go down with their ship.

Bond with Vessel

Starting at 1st level, when casting any spell with a personal range, you can target the vessel to which you are bound.

To bond to a ship or boat, you must perform a ritual that requires one day for every 25 feet (or less) of length of the ship. You must be in contact with the target ship for the duration of the ritual. You may eat or drink during the bonding but may not engage in combat, other spellcasting, or even animated conversation. You may be bonded to only one vessel at a time but may change the bond by performing the ritual for another ship.

Expanded Spell List

When choosing your spells known, these spells are added to the sorcerer spell list for you.

Spell Level Spells
Cantrip resistance
1st Level create or destroy water
2nd Level acid arrow
3rd Level call lightning
4th Level control water
5th Level scrying
6th Level wind walk
7th Level mirage arcane
8th Level control weather
9th Level storm of vengeance

Aquatic Wild Shape

Starting at 6th level, you can use your action to magically assume the shape of an aquatic beast that you have seen before. You can use this feature twice. You regain expended uses when you finish a short rest or long rest.

Your sorcerer level determines the beasts you can transform into, as shown in the below table.

Beast Shapes
6th Level Max CR ½
10th Level Max CR 1

You can stay in a beast shape for a number of hours equal to half your sorcerer level (rounded down). You then revert to your normal form unless you expend another use of this feature. You can revert to your normal form earlier by using a bonus action on your turn. You automatically revert if you fall unconscious, drop to 0 hit points, or die.

While you are transformed, the following rules apply:

  • Your character’s statistics are replaced by the statistics of the beast, but you retain your alignment, personality, and Intelligence, Wisdom, and Charisma scores. You also retain all of your skill and saving-throw proficiencies, in addition to gaining those of the creature. If the creature has the same proficiency as you and the bonus in its stat block is higher than yours, use the creature’s bonus instead of yours. If the creature has any legendary or lair actions, you can’t use them.
  • When you transform, you assume the beast’s hit points and hit dice. When you revert to your normal form, you return to the number of hp you had before you transformed. However, if you revert as a result of dropping to 0 hit points, any excess damage carries over to your normal form. For example, if you take 10 damage in animal form and have only 1 hit point left, you revert and take 9 damage. As long as the excess damage doesn’t reduce your normal form to 0 hp, you aren’t knocked unconscious.
  • You can’t cast spells, and your ability to speak or take any action that requires hands is limited to the capabilities of your beast form. Transforming doesn’t break your concentration on a spell you’ve already cast, however, or prevent you from taking actions that are part of a spell, such as call lightning, that you’ve already cast.
  • You retain the benefit of any features from your class, race, or other source and can use them if the new form is physically capable of doing so. However, you can’t use any of your special senses, such as darkvision, unless your new form also has that sense.
  • You choose whether your equipment falls to the ground in your space, merges into your new form, or is worn by it. Worn equipment functions as normal, but the GM decides whether it is practical for the new form to wear a piece of equipment, based on the creature’s shape and size. Your equipment doesn’t change size or shape to match the new form, and any equipment that the new form can’t wear must either fall to the ground or merge with it. Equipment that merges with the form has no effect until you leave the form.

Ship as Source

At 14th level, you may reduce the cost of sorcery points required to create a spell slot. While casting on the deck of your bonded ship all spell slot level costs are reduced by 1 sorcery point.

All Aboard

Beginning at 18th level, you can return to your bonded ship as per the teleportation circle once without expending a spell slot. You must finish a long rest before you can do so again. The bonded ship is considered to have a permanent teleportation circle for this purpose.

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