Shark Rider

These rangers are some of the most fearless of all, managing to soothe even the most feral of all sharks in order to form a bond with them that extends beyond that of a standard trainer and beast, but one that is one of two partners. These shark riders have all of the ferocity that their counterparts can display, and because of this, they are the foremost warriors when it comes to fighting against the adaro and sahuagin who try to invade the surface world.

Shark Companion

At 3rd level, you gain a reef shark as a companion. The reef shark has the same stats as an average reef shark except for the following differences. Your reef shark has a number of hit points equal to either four times your level or half your hit points maximum, whichever is higher. The reef shark’s bite does 1d6+2 damage. You add your Proficiency Bonus to the reef shark’s Armor Class, attack rolls, and damage rolls. Additionally, a reef shark ignores all nonmagical difficult terrain in an aquatic environment. The reef shark can use its standard bonus for saving throws or your bonus, whichever is higher. The reef shark understands and obeys your commands, taking its turns on your initiative. Reef sharks can be used as a mount by you so long as you are Small or Medium sized. In order to control the reef shark in combat, you must give it an order as a bonus action each turn, allowing it to take the Attack, Dash, Dodge, Disengage, or Help actions. Should the reef shark reach 0 hit points, it goes unconscious and must make death saving throws just like you would. If your reef shark dies, you can obtain another one by spending 8 hours performing a ritual in the ocean, causing one to appear to you.

Underwater Charge

At 7th level, whenever you move 20 feet underwater straight towards a creature while mounted on your reef shark, your attacks against that creature score a critical hit on a roll of an 18 through 20 for the rest of that round. Additionally, whenever you move at least 20 feet underwater while mounted on your reef shark, you do not need to breathe that round if you cannot breathe underwater.

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