Sovereign Student

The Scholars of the three Sovereign Academies are considered the most renowned scholars in the known world. Each scholar dedicates themselves to the teachings and traditions of their particular academy. The three academies look upon one another with favor and though there is some friendly rivalry between the students, the three cooperate quite closely. Scholars and the learned come from across the world to study at the academies and it is considered a great honor to get to delve their great collections of works.

Sovereign Academy

Starting at 2nd level, you must choose which academy you will devote yourself to. The following are the schools of magic each academy specializes in.

  • Academy of Subtlety. Divination, Conjuration, Illusion
  • Academy of Power. Evocation, Abjuration, Necromancy
  • Academy of Change. Transmutation, Enchantment

When casting a spell of your academy’s specialization, you may cast it as if you were using a spell slot one level higher. For example, this would allow you to cast a 1st level spell as if you were using a 2nd level slot. It does not give you a 2nd level slot to cast a 2nd level spell with. Once you use this feature, you cannot use it again until you take a short or long rest.

Studied Formulae

Starting at 6th level, you gain advantage on saving throws to resist the effects of spells. If a spell attack would target you and is a part of your academy specialization, the roll to hit you has disadvantage.

Specialized Tactics

Starting at 10th level, whenever you cast a spell that deals damage you may choose to deal half the damage and potentially inflict conditions based on your academy. Any creature who takes damage from the spell must make a saving throw versus your spell save DC. If they fail, they suffer the conditions according to your academy until the end of the creature’s next turn. Once a creature has been affected by a condition from this ability, they cannot be affected again in the same combat.

Sovereign’s Gift

Starting at 14th level, you are able to channel your magic with effort and purpose into a more potent form. Choose one spell from your spellbook that matches your chosen academy’s specialties. You may cast this spell without expending a spell slot once per day.

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