Spirit Tamer

There are rangers who heavily lean into the spiritual side of their role in society, acting as priests or spiritual advisors who speak to the dead or zemi in order to lay them to rest. They do their best in order to solve things in a non-violent matter so that the spirits can be tamed and put to rest peacefully but are ready to attack particularly violent spirits and zemi.

Spiritual Wisdom

At 3rd level, you may use your Wisdom score instead of your Charisma score for all Deception, Intimidation, Persuasion ability checks against constructs and undead. Furthermore, you can always communicate with these creatures as if you shared a common language.

Ghost Warrior

At 7th level, your weapon attacks, spells, and abilities all ignore resistances and immunities that constructs and undead may have against them.

Defensive Mind

At 11th level, you are immune to being frightened or charmed by constructs or undead and gain advantage on any Wisdom saving throws against spells or abilities used by these creatures.

Laid to Rest

At 15th level, whenever you would reduce a construct or undead to 0 hit points, calculate how much damage past 0 you would have dealt the creature. You gain a number of temporary hit points equal to this amount. Furthermore, whenever you reduce a construct or undead to 0 hit points, it cannot be brought back as an undead by any means.

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