Tainted Soul

Whether as punishment for unspeakable acts or a simple curse, either the Abyss or the Hells awaits a tainted soul’s arrival in the afterlife. Until that day, the tainted soul strives to rid the world of as much evil as possible.

Fearless and Reckless

After knowing what awaits you, nothing in this life can scare you. Upon becoming a tainted soul at 3rd level, you are immune to the frightened condition and any other condition that is caused by fear (such as if you are paralyzed by fear). Also, your speed increases by 10 feet when you take a Dash action as long as you are moving towards an enemy. When you do so, you can choose to make a single attack as a bonus action. Taking this bonus action attack reduces your armor class by 2 until the start of your next turn.

Protecting the Worthy

While you may be going to the lower planes, you can use your time on this plane to protect those who should live on. Starting at 7th level, you can interpose yourself between an attack and an ally. When an attack that you can see hits an ally within 5 feet, you can use your reaction to take the hit instead. Your armor class cannot prevent the attack from dealing damage to you, but other forms of protection can, such as resistances or immunities to certain damage types.


Starting at 10th level, you can no longer sleep soundly. Visions of the pain and suffering that awaits you fill your dreams, keeping you awake at night. You now only need to sleep once per week. Staying awake during that week does not require a Constitution check. You can still take a long rest with light activity—eating, reading, talking, or keeping watch—but you only need to sleep once per week.

Filled with Doom

As death draws ever closer, your doom begins to fill every part of your being. Starting at 15th level, all your weapon attacks deal an additional 1d6 points of necrotic damage.

Avatar of Evil

Even if you are not evil, your fate is visible to all those who look upon you. At 18th level, you become so terrifying to gaze upon that any creature that you attack gains disadvantage to attack you until the end of your next turn.

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