The School of Draconic Magic

Some rare wizards eschew the study of a specific school of magic, to focus their studies on the elemental magic that functions as the innate life force that connects all dragons. This school of magic inexorably binds the wizard to the draconic race, and provides special innate abilities geared towards this form of magic.

Draconic Affinity

At 2nd level, when you choose this school, choose an energy type from among acid, cold, fire, lightning or poison. Once chosen, this energy type cannot be changed. The energy represents the breath weapon of the dragon with whom you will eventually Bond.

Whenever you copy a spell using this energy type into your spellbook, the normal time to do so is halved. Wizards who choose acid or poison as their energy type, may also halve the time it takes to copy spells dealing with air, mist or clouds into their spellbook.

Energy Savant

At 2nd level, whenever you cast a spell using the energy type with which you have affinity, you increase the DC of all saving throws by +1. You also gain advantage on saving throws against attacks, spells and damage from that energy type.

Energy Mastery

At 6th level, whenever you must make a magical attack roll to strike with a spell, you gain advantage on that attack roll. In addition, you gain resistance against the energy type with which you have affinity, and you may choose to use your reaction to grant resistance to the same energy type to a number of creatures of your choice, within your line of sight and within 60 feet of you. Once you grant resistance to other creatures, you must complete a short rest or a long rest before you can grant resistance again.

Energy Transmutation

Starting at 10th level, you may change the energy type of any spell you cast to that of your attuned energy type. All other spell effects remain the same; only the damage and energy type change. Thus, a wizard who has affinity with fire could cast ice storm, and change the damage type to fire, or lightning bolt, but change the damage to fire. You may also add your intelligence modifier to the damage of any spell you cast using your attuned damage type, including those modified by this ability.

Energy Maximization

Starting at 14th level, when you cast any spell of 5th-level or below that uses your attuned energy type, you maximize the effects of that spell, including any variable range, area of effect and damage results. You may use this feature once without suffering ill effects. However, each time after you use it before you finish a long rest, you suffer 3d6 necrotic damage per level of the spell, as you cast. This necrotic damage ignores any immunity or resistance you may have.

The Binding

At 17th level, you receive a mystical summons that draws you inexorably toward your fate as a Dragon Rider. This summons manifests in whispered voices, dreams, visions and an instinctive pull to travel to a certain location where you will first meet your draconic partner with whom you will eventually begin the Binding process. This location may or may not be the dragon’s lair.

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