Vitkar practice Galdar (singing) and involves the directing of energy through runes. Vitkar typically use their runes to increase their own knowledge and to protect warriors in battle. There are a multitude of runes, each with its own good and bad (maat and maug) characteristics. It is the vitki who is the most common spellcaster among the Norse.

Vitkar adventure in their quest for more knowledge.

Runes are not easy to come by. Their knowledge is buried deep in the most hidden places of the world—at the bottom of oceans, beneath the roots of huge trees, in the heart of ancient caverns, and at the peak of the highest mountains.

Finding these runes are adventures unto themselves. Vitkar also learn runes from other ancient beings with ties to the land, sometimes in other elemental planes.

Vitkar are wise, usually eccentric and not a few are halfmad.

Their knowledge is something to be respected and sometimes feared. Odin, who fasted upside-down on the world tree Yggdrasil for nine nights, a spear in his side, is the only deity the Vitkar worship. They respect the other gods but their loyalty is to Odin and Odin alone. It is he who gave them the secrets of the runes and he who rules the Norse pantheon.

Vitkar come about their runic knowledge by mimicking Odin’s trial. They incorporate various elements of Odin’s struggle, either by fasting, suffering a spear wound, or hanging upside-down. Without some supernatural help, any of these tests will likely prove fatal—sticking a spear in one’s side without healing for nine days is certain to end in painful death. Likewise, hanging upside-down for that duration will cause an aneurysm in the brain. Fasting for nine days is difficult but not impossible. Whatever method the vitki chooses, if he survives, he emerges a changed man. The runes are everywhere, and he can read them in the very fabric of reality.

Odin’s Secrets

At 2nd level you learn the power of runes. You begin with two runes and can permanently sacrifice a spell slot to learn more as per the table below.

You can have one rune active for every two wizard levels, as per the table below. You can also have an expanded number of runes you may have on one item or items with the same rune active at the same time.

Additionally, you gain access to Odin’s 18 songs on the wizard spell list.

Rune Level Spell Slot Sacrificed
1st 1st
2nd 2nd
6th 3rd
10th 4th
14th 5th
Wizard Level Runes Active Runes per Item/Simultaneous
2 1 1
4 2 1
6 3 2
8 4 2
10 5 3
12 6 3
14 7 4
16 8 4
18 9 4
20 10 4


At 2nd level you unleash the magic of runes by singing to them. You have proficiency in the Performance skill. If you already have proficiency in this skill, you can choose from Deception or Intimidation instead (your choice). In the presence of a rune-inscribed object on your person, the object acts as your arcane focus and all of your spells only require a somatic component. You must be able to sing to cast your spells.

Odin’s Fast

At 6th level you emulate Odin’s fasting. You can go nine days without food or water before suffering a level of exhaustion.

Yggdrasill’s Test

At 10th level you emulate Odin hanging from the tree.

Hanging upside down comes easily to you. You have resistance to psychic damage, can stand upright from the prone condition as a reaction, and have advantage on Acrobatics checks.

Gungnir’s Wound

At 14th level you replicate Odin’s ability to withstand piercing from spears. You have resistance to piercing and necrotic damage.

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