Primal forces of nature can sometimes be personified. The sea is a cold mother that gives and takes with equal measure. The sun is a stoic observer of all things. The volcano, however, is a powerful and demanding thing, offering prosperity with the impending thread of explosive violence.

Some creatures can tap into that raw power, forging a contract with the volcano itself, and gain the ability to act as an untethered agent.

Force of Nature Expanded Spell List (Volcano)
Spell Level Spells
1st burning hands, thunderwave
2nd flame blade, flaming sphere
3rd fireball, stinking cloud
4th fire shield, wall of fire
5th conjure elemental, cloudkill

Volcano’s Acquittal

Starting at 1st level, you gain resistance to fire damage. At level 10, that resistance becomes an immunity to fire damage.

Pressure and Flame

When you reach 6th level, you gain the fury of a powerful volcano. Any time you cast a warlock cantrip, you can choose to have the damage be bludgeoning or fire. If you do so, or the cantrip already dealt one of those damage types, you deal another 1d4 damage of the chosen type.

Tremor of Doom

The volcano is patient, but it voices its discontent through rumbles, subtle at first, building into attention demanding tremors, before urgent quakes give way to an eruption! As an action, you can cause the ground around you, out to a 30 foot radius, to be difficult terrain. If you do so, the effect lasts a minute, or until you spend an action to dispel it. If you dispel the effect instead of letting the duration lapse, any creatures standing within the radius must make a Dexterity saving throw against your spell save DC or be knocked prone.

You can use this ability once, and regain the ability to do so after finishing a short or long rest.

Caldera’s Grasp

You can summon a fraction of a volcano’s might to destroy your enemies. You can spend an action to summon a spray of lava that covers a 10 foot square area. Creatures that are standing on that area can make a Dexterity saving throw against your spell save DC to avoid falling into the lava, taking 10d10 fire damage on a failed save and gain the restrained condition, or half as much damage and avoid the restrained condition on a success.

The lava hardens after it has dealt damage, and a restrained creature can spend an action breaking free to end the restrained condition.

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