Way of Balance

There are some monks who develop abilities beyond their control but have such a desire to maintain balance in the natural world, that they develop a connection to not one, but two elements of the same time, and always elements of an opposite nature to one another. This connection does leave their bodies somewhat torn, as the opposing elements threaten to rip them apart.

Torn Asunder

At 3rd level, you choose one of two sets of damage: acid and lightning or cold and fire. As a reaction, you can spend 1 ki point when taking damage from one of your chosen sources to gain resistance to that damage.

Elemental Blows

At 3rd level, when you use your Flurry of Blows, your limbs become wrapped with elements. Your reach is increased by 5 feet for each and when you deal damage you choose one of the types of damage that you choose from the Torn Asunder ability. For each attack you successfully hit, you choose one of those types of damage to deal instead of the normal type of damage.

Healing Elements

At 6th level, when you use your Torn Asunder ability, you can instead expend 2 ki points instead of 1 to instead gain immunity to the damage. You can instead expend 3 ki points to gain immunity to the damage and regain hit points equal to half the damage you would have taken.

Elemental Fury

At 11th level, as a reaction when you would take the Attack action, you can choose to deal an additional 1d4 points of damage of one of the types chosen from your Torn Asunder ability.

Balance at Last

At 17th level, you gain access to the two types of damage that you didn’t choose from the Torn Asunder ability for the purposes of all your monk class features. Furthermore, you can spend a bonus action to take on a completely elemental form that lasts for 1 minute that correlates to acid, cold, fire, or lightning damage. While in this form, you become immune to that type of damage and gain additional effects.

If you choose an acid form, you gain a burrow speed of 30 feet. If you choose a cold form, you halve the movement speeds of any creatures of your choice within 60 feet. If you choose a fire form, any creature that you end your turn next to takes 2d6 points of fire damage that is not lessened by resistance or immunity to fire damage. If you take a lightning form, you gain a flying speed of 30 feet. If you already have a flying speed, it increases by +10 feet.

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