Way of Gravity

Monks that have spent ample time in artificial gravity can feel the difference in their ki; natural gravity is substantial and wholesome, like an embrace from a great planet itself, whereas artificial gravity hums with a flimsy electrical artifice. With practice, these monks learn to manipulate their own gravity using their ki, throwing their center of mass about in defiance of physical conventions and tweaking gravitational fields around them.

Subjective Gravity

Starting when you choose this monastic tradition at 3rd level, you can choose your own center of gravity. On your turn, you can use half your movement to choose a solid surface (such as a wall or ceiling) within 30 feet of you to act as the ground for your subjective gravity. You are pulled down to this surface, as if by gravity. Your subjective gravity follows this surface along any smooth contours, but stops at any corners that turn 90 degrees or more. Only you and objects you wear or carry are influenced by your subjective gravity.

Negate Mass

Starting at 6th level, you can spend 2 ki points to cast the spell levitate.

Distortion Field

Starting at 11th level, you can use your bonus action and spend 1 ki point to create an invisible 10-foot diameter sphere of gravitational distortion, centered on a point you can see within 60 feet. This distortion lasts for 1 minute. If a creature enters this space, its movement stops. At the beginning of each of its turns, the creature can use half its movement and make a Strength saving throw to escape the distortion field, moving to an adjacent unoccupied space of its choice on a success. On a failed save, the creature can’t move. Any projectile that passes through your distortion field stops instantly in midair.

Singularity Strike

Starting at 17th level, your attacks carry massive fields in their wake. When you hit a creature with two or more unarmed strikes on your turn, you form a gravitational field around it. Until the beginning of your next turn, the creature can’t willingly move unless it first uses the Disengage action and spends half its movement to escape this field.

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