Way of Mithras

Dedicated to the god of martial valor, soldiers, and protector of civilization, the followers of the Way of Mithras are temple guardians, wandering protectors of the weak, and often find employment as advisors to rulers. May come form the ranks of the Orphans of Mithras, children whose parents were slain in battle or foundlings discovered among the refugees of war. The monks of the Way of Mithras practice a harsh personal and hierarchical discipline that hones body and mind towards one goal, creating the perfect expression of their deity’s ethos n the mortal realm.

The Bull’s Horns

Starting at 3rd level when you choose this monastic tradition, you have learned how to mix strikes and grabs, locks, and other grappling techniques as part of your attacks. When you hit a creature with one of your attacks from Flurry of Blows, you can apply one of the following effects:

The target must succeed at a Dexterity save or gain the grappled condition.

The target must succeed at a Constitution save or have its speed reduced by 50% until the end of its next turn.

Apply the restrained condition to a creature you have already grappled.

Cry of Victory

At 6th level you learn how to channel your Ki to inspire your allies and dishearten your foes. As an action, you spend a ki point and utter a mighty roar, much like that of an angry bull. All allies within 30 feet of your gain a number of temporary hit points equal to your Wisdom modifier, and all enemies must make a Wisdom save or become freighted of you until the end of your next turn.

Lead the Way

At 11th level you gain the ability to cast the bless spell as an action. You may do this a number of times equal to your Wisdom modifier, and regain uses following a long rest.

Mark of Blood

At 17th level you learn the dreadful mark of blood ritual taught only to those most loyal in the service of Mithras. Following an eight-hour ritual, you designate a single creature as marked by Mithras for execution. The marked creature must be on the same plane as you and known to you by name. The marked creature must succeed at a Wisdom save with a DC equal to 8+ your Wisdom modifier + your proficiency bonus or suffer the following effects:

You know the approximate range and direction of the marked creature.

You may spend ki point to inflict +3d10 radiant damage on the target creature on your next successful attack.

You may spend a ki point to allow a creature you can see to inflict +2d10 radiant damage on the target creature on their next successful attack.

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