Way of the Crushing Snow

Your monastic tradition draws power from the pulverizing momentum of an avalanche. You learn to harness the power of the rolling snow and sheets of ice to assault your foes. Monks that choose this path push forward relentlessly, regardless of the situation or the obstacles in front of them.

Frost Strike

Starting at 3rd level, you become one with the shifting snow and can spend 1 ki point to infuse your blows with icy cold. When you do so, your unarmed strike and monk weapons deal cold damage instead of their normal type for the next minute. While this effect is ongoing, once per turn after you hit using an unarmed strike or a monk weapon, you can spend 1 additional ki point to do an extra 1d4 cold damage.

Threatening Presence

When you choose this tradition at 3rd level, you gain proficiency in the Intimidate skill, and you may add double your proficiency bonus when attempting to intimidate someone into moving out of your way.

Natural Exposure

Starting at 6th level, you gain resistance to cold and bludgeoning damage.

Momentum Transfer

Starting at 11th level, you harness the unstoppable movement of the avalanche. If on your turn you move at least 20 feet towards a creature and then attempt to shove it away using your Attack action, you may spend up to 3 ki points, moving that target an additional 10 feet per ki point spent.

Unstoppable Force

Starting at 17th level, whenever your first attack on your turn hits, you may spend 3 ki points. If you do, you gain advantage on all attack rolls until the end of your turn.

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