Way of the Four Truths

There are martial masters whose discipline leverages the awareness given by the Four Truths. Each of the Four Truths is linked to a specific secret technique, handed down in temples to those who can see through the mere words recited in the Truth and reach its purest intrinsic meaning. This technique makes it possible to equate oneself with the cosmos, and from this awareness draw further energy. Once training is complete, the novices leave the temple to begin a path of inner growth, becoming warriors and protectors. They are ready to face the dangers of the endless night and their spirit is guided by the deep awareness of themselves and the world that they have grown to understand after years of study and martial practice.

First Technique, Sidereal Void Touch

At 3rd level, you being to put your studies into practice and learn to manipulate the energy of the Sempiternal who echoes through everything in the form of ki and, with this energy, send your enemies back into the sidereal void. When you hit a target with an attack granted by Flurry of Blows, the target must make a successful Wisdom Saving Throw or, instead of taking the appropriate damage, be exiled to a demiplane out of time and space where it is Incapacitated. At the end of its next turn, the target reappears in the precise spot where it disappeared.

Using this technique successfully results in one level of exhaustion unless you make a successful Constitution saving throw with DC 10 + the target’s challenge rating.

Second Technique, Awakening of Existence

At 6th level, if you start your turn at 0 Hit Points, you can spend any amount of ki points you choose to immediately recover 5 hp for each ki point spent.

Third Technique, Tearing Up The Dark Veil

At 11th level, when you hit an aberration, fiend or undead with an unarmed strike, you deal 1d4 additional radiant damage.

Fourth Technique, Event Horizon

At 17th level, whenever you fail an attack roll, saving throw, or skill check, you can spend 10 ki points to succeed instead.

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