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Class Option Types: Martial Archetype

148 Records Found

Name Type Source
Antitheurge classoption
Arcane Dabbler classoption
Arcane Dabbler classoption
Archer classoption
Artillerist classoption
Bladebonded classoption
Blind Duelist classoption
Blue-Faced Warrior (Martial Archetype) classoption
Boarder classoption
Boarder classoption
Bodyguard classoption
Brawler classoption
Brawler classoption
Broken Bannerman classoption
Buccaneer classoption
Cannoneer classoption
Captain classoption
Caracaraco classoption
Chainmaster classoption
Chainmaster classoption
Champion classoption
Champion (Total Party Kill Games) classoption
Chaplain classoption
Close Quarters Fighter classoption
Close Quarters Fighter classoption
Corpse Knight classoption
Corsair (Innovaworks Inc.) classoption
Corsair (Total Party Kill Games) classoption
Curse Weaver (Fighter Martial Archetype) classoption
Dancing Blade classoption
Dark Arts Militant classoption
Defender classoption
Demon-Blooded classoption
Dervish classoption
Dragon Bound classoption
Dragoon classoption
Dragoon Fighter classoption
Duelist classoption
Eldritch Executioner classoption
Elemental Blade classoption
Elemental Blade classoption
Elven Archer classoption
Ether Knight classoption
Fell Knight classoption
Fencer classoption
Fighter Subclass: Skirmisher classoption
Fortune’s Smith classoption
Gholaad’s Translation classoption
Ghost Warrior classoption
Gladiator classoption
Gladiator classoption
Gladiator classoption
Gladiator (Legendary Games) classoption
Gladiator (Total Party Kill Games) classoption
Godless Warrior classoption
Goreguard classoption
Gravitic classoption
Grayblade classoption
Greek Hero classoption
Guard classoption
Guardian classoption
Guardian classoption
Guardian (Legendary Games) classoption
Guardian (Total Party Kill Games) classoption
Gunslinger classoption
Gunslinger Martial Archetype classoption
Hearthguard classoption
Hippeus classoption
Holy Heart classoption
Hoplite classoption
Hoplite classoption
Hospitaler classoption
Huntsman classoption
Iron Fist classoption
Jump Trooper classoption
Knight classoption
Knight Hospitaler classoption
Knight of the Oak classoption
Knight-Surgeon (Martial Archetype) classoption
Knight-Surgeon (Martial Archetype) classoption
Knowledge Guardian classoption
Legionnaire classoption
Living Vampire classoption
Martialist classoption
Master of Many Blades classoption
Master Thrower classoption
Mercenary classoption
Misericorde classoption
Mystery Warrior classoption
Pankration classoption
Peacekeeper classoption
Phalanx Warrior classoption
Prescient Knight classoption
Primal Leader classoption
Raider classoption
Rake classoption
Reach Specialist classoption
Runeblade classoption
Samurai classoption
Sapper classoption
Scarlet Champion classoption
Scrapper classoption
Sellsword classoption
Shadowed Blade classoption
Shield Maiden classoption
Shield Master classoption
Shieldbearer classoption
Siege Walker classoption
Smithkin classoption
Soldier of Fortune classoption
Soldier of Fortune classoption
Soulknife classoption
Soulknife classoption
Space Marine classoption
Spellsword classoption
Spellsword classoption
Stavmester classoption
Sylvan Elf Spearmasters classoption
Tactician classoption
Tainted Soul classoption
Tapestry Hunter classoption
The Branded classoption
The Dragon Warrior classoption
The Fist classoption
The Haunted Fighter classoption
The Legacy classoption
The Mage Knight classoption
The Unfettered classoption
Thrown Weapons Master classoption
Thug classoption
Thug (Studio Agate) classoption
Titan classoption
Torrid Scion classoption
Tyrant classoption
Unfailing classoption
Variant Fighter classoption
Warden classoption
Warden of the Dead classoption
Warder classoption
Weapon Master classoption
Wicked Fighter classoption
Widowmaker Enforcer classoption
Wildlander classoption
Woodland Archer classoption
Woodlands Cavalier (Martial Archetype) classoption
Woodlands Cavalier (Martial Archetype) classoption
World Warrior classoption
Wrestler classoption
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