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Class Option Types: Wizard Schools and Traditions

47 Records Found

Name Type Source
Alkemancer classoption
Angelic Scribe classoption
Angelic Scribe Wizard or Cleric Specialty classoption
Aquanaut classoption
Battlemage classoption
Blood Mage Wizard Specialty classoption
Cantrip Adept classoption
Chirurgeon classoption
Chronomancy classoption
Doomsayer classoption
Dragon Mage classoption
Eldritch Cabal classoption
Elementalism classoption
Elementalist classoption
Entropist classoption
Evocation classoption
Familiar Master classoption
Gravebinding classoption
Hydraulic School (Wizard Tradition) classoption
Illuminator classoption
Mage of the Pyramid classoption
Master of Fiends Wizard Specialty classoption
Mistwalking classoption
Necrophage classoption
Occult Detection classoption
Ornamancer classoption
Penumbral Mage classoption
Ring Warden classoption
School of Alchemy classoption
School of Black Powder classoption
School of Eclectic Magic classoption
School of Liminality classoption
School of Preservation classoption
School of the Illuminati classoption
School of the Mind classoption
School of the Psyche classoption
School of the Wanderer classoption
Sovereign Student classoption
Spellsmith classoption
The Castellan classoption
The School of Draconic Magic classoption
Timekeeper classoption
Transgnomamist classoption
Vitkar classoption
Void Caster Wizard Specialty classoption
Vril Adept Arcane Tradition classoption
White Necromancer classoption
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