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Creature Families: Angels

43 Records Found

Name Type Source
Angel of Alchemy creature
Angel of Dreams creature
Angel of Flames creature
Angel of Gates creature
Angel of Honor creature
Angel of Inspiration creature
Angel of Judgment creature
Angel of the Dark creature
Angel of the Wind creature
Angel, Diamond creature
Angel, Eye of the Gods creature
Angel, Fallen Empyreal creature
Angel, Guardian creature
Angel, Kalkydra creature
Angel, Mead Archon creature
Angel, Oath creature
Angel, Pelagic Deva creature
Angel, Psychopomp creature
Angel, Shrouded creature
Angel, Uridimmu creature
Angel, Zirnitran creature
Angelic Emissary creature
Angelic Enforcer creature
Angelic Legion creature
Chained Angel creature
Chalkydri creature
Cherubim creature
Deva creature
Deva, Justiciar creature
Eye of the Gods creature
Fallen Angel creature
Fidele Angel creature
Kinnara creature
Ophanim creature
Planetar creature
Planetar, Lesser creature
Sacred Witness creature
Sammael creature
Sanctified Angel creature
Solar creature
Solar of War creature
Song Angel creature
Zoryas creature
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