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Creature Families: Orc

46 Records Found

Name Type Source
Bootcha Orc creature
Gorthek creature
Gorthek Rider creature
Hlobane Orc Overlord creature
Hlobane Orc Overseer creature
Hlobane Orc Sanjak creature
Hlobane Orc Shaman creature
Hlobane Orc Warrior creature
Hlobane Orc: Neurog Let, Bone Crushers creature
Hlobane Orc: Ukjanu Let, Keeper of The Bone Crusher creature
Orc Acolyte creature
Orc Archer creature
Orc Battleborn creature
Orc Berserker creature
Orc Bruiser creature
Orc Captain creature
Orc Chieftain creature
Orc Commander creature
Orc Lord of The Pit creature
Orc Plague-Host creature
Orc Scout creature
Orc Shaman creature
Orc Soldier creature
Orc War Drummer creature
Orc Warlord creature
Orc Warrior creature
Orc Zombie creature
Orc, Ambassador creature
Orc, Battle Shaman creature
Orc, Black creature
Orc, Black Sun Priestess creature
Orc, Black, Champion creature
Orc, Black, High Priest of Orcus creature
Orc, Blood Orc Elder Warrior creature
Orc, Common creature
Orc, Ghost-Faced Battle Priest creature
Orc, Giant Fiendish creature
Orc, Gray creature
Orc, Green Abyss creature
Orc, Greenskin Elfhunter creature
Orc, Musician creature
Orc, Overseer creature
Orc, Pitcrawler creature
Orc, Raid Master creature
Orc, War creature
Pit Orc creature
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