Medium fiend, lawful neutral

Armor Class 14 (natural armor)
Hit Points 65 (10d8+20)
Speed 30 ft., fly 60 ft.

14 (+2) 16 (+3) 14 (+2) 12 (+1) 14 (+2) 12 (+1)

Saving Throws Str +4, Cha +3
Skills Athletics +4, Insight +3, Intimidation +5, Perception +6, Religion +3
Damage Resistances cold, fire, necrotic, radiant; bludgeoning, piercing, and slashing from nonmagical weapons
Senses darkvision 200 ft., passive Perception 16
Languages Common
Challenge 4 (1,100 XP)


  • Kindly Punishment. The alecto is tasked with punishing the guilty, not with murder. If she chooses, the damage dealt by her attacks can be temporary, disappearing after one hour. A creature reduced to 0 hit points by an alecto’s attacks is knocked unconscious but need not make death saving throws.
  • Magic Resistance. The alecto has advantage on saving throws against spells and other magical effects.
  • Track the Guilty. The alecto has the power to sense their chosen prey and can track them at any distance. This is the equivalent of an 8th-level spell for the purposes of evading or blocking the alecto’s ability to track in this manner.


  • Multiattack. The alecto attacks twice.
  • Scourge. Melee Weapon Attack: +5 to hit, reach 15 ft., one target. Hit: 7 (1d8+5) magical slashing damage plus 7 (2d6) poison damage.
  • Snake Hair. Melee Weapon Attack: +5 to hit, reach 5 ft., one creature. Hit: 5 (1d4+3) piercing damage plus 14 (4d6) poison damage.


These fierce-looking winged women with snakes for hair exist for vengeance and retribution, particularly for crimes of children against their parents. Also known as “the Kindly Ones,” alectos beat their prey with scourges (whips that deal normal damage and can harm creatures with natural armor) and snakes, driving them to madness and despair until the ritual of purification cleansed them of their sins. They are hardly limited to punishing patricide and matricide, of course, and may be unleashed for punishment of any horrible crime the gods demand, but they are not inherently cruel. They are simply remorseless in their pursuit of harsh and painful justice.

These immortal embodiments of vengeance are reborn whenever slain by mortals, rising to life again in the outer planes to be sent forth again. Knowing this deathless cycle awaits them, alectos are dauntless and gleefully wade into combat with their weapons, focusing on those whose misdeeds have drawn their ire. If attacked by something other than their prey, an alecto is likely to lash at it once or twice as a deterrent so they can deal with their prey, but turn on attackers who persist, as all children are guilty of some crime against their parents (no matter how small or petty) and thus deserve punishment if prompted.

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