Ape, Winged

Large monstrosity, chaotic evil

Armor Class 14 (natural armor)
Hit Points 95 (10d10+40)
Speed 30 ft., climb 30 ft., fly 40 ft.

20 (+5) 15 (+2) 18 (+4) 4 (-3) 15 (+2) 8 (-1)

Saving Throws Dex +5
Skills Perception +5, Stealth +5
Condition Immunities disease, exhaustion
Damage Resistances necrotic
Senses darkvision 60 ft., passive Perception 15
Languages Urgan
Challenge 5 (1,800 XP)


  • Regeneration The winged ape regains 5 hp at the start of its turn, as long as it has at least 1 hp.
  • Proficient The winged ape is proficient with simple and martial weapons and light armor.


  • Multiattack. The winged ape makes two slam attacks and one bite attack.
  • Slam. Melee Weapon Attack: +8 to hit, reach 5 ft., one target. Hit: 1d8+5 bludgeoning damage. If the winged ape hits the same target with both slam attacks, it gains tactical advantage on a bite attack against the same target on this turn.
  • Bite. Melee Weapon Attack: +8 to hit, reach 5 ft., one target. Hit: 1d6+5 piercing damage.


This powerful ape-like beast resembles a lean, black-furred gorilla, but it has a huge pair of batlike wings and a gleam of evil intelligence in its eyes.

Descended from some ancient sorcerer’s ill-considered attempts to breed powerful, loyal servants and soldiers, winged apes are thankfully rare in the world. They are as strong as an ordinary gorilla but more lightly built, standing about 8 feet tall and weighing in at 400 pounds or so.

While a winged ape is physically formidable and more than capable of tearing a human warrior limb from limb with its powerful arms and sharp fangs, the most dangerous thing about it is the creature’s intelligence. It is far more than a simple beast, and harbors a wicked, low cunning. It can learn to use weapons or wear light armor or clothing, although it only bothers to do so when some powerful master equips it appropriately. Worse yet, the typical winged ape is a cruel, vicious brute, filled with malice toward most other creatures and eager to set upon foes for the sheer joy of murder.

Winged apes live for centuries. In the wild, they are most often encountered among the overgrown ruins of sorcerer’s towers or evil temples. The priests or mages who once dwelled there are long forgotten, but still their brutal servants linger, posing a threat to any who come too near. Other winged apes are found in the service of living sorcerers, acting as guards, errand-beasts, or assassins.

However, winged apes make for surly and untrustworthy servants, and are likely to turn on their masters if not supplied with plentiful food and opportunities to rip smaller creatures to pieces.

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