Elemental, Ragefire

Family: Elementals

The rage and hatred that emanate with the white-hot heat from this demonic fire are palpable.

The ragefire elemental is a type of fire elemental that grows as it consumes fuel. All ragefire elementals start out as tiny sparks, called ragefire spawn. As they burn their way through their surroundings, they steadily increase in size until they become gargantuan infernos.

Every size of ragefire elemental has stats identical to a standard fire elemental, except as noted on the table below. The table lists the hit points, melee attack bonus, melee damage, ongoing damage to flammable objects (“Burn”), and challenge rating of every size of ragefire elemental. Burn damage also applies as the damage done by the elemental’s Fire Form ability.

Besides the differences noted above, Tiny through Large ragefire elementals also have the trait Intensify As an action, a Tiny, Small, Medium, or Large ragefire elemental incinerates the corpse of a humanoid it killed within the last minute and whose space the elemental occupies. The elemental heals 5 hit points and, if it is Tiny, it becomes a Small ragefire elemental with full hit points minus its current amount of damage. Likewise, a Small, Medium, or Large ragefire elemental grows to the next size after incinerating a number of humanoid corpses equal to its current challenge rating.

Huge and Gargantuan ragefire elementals don’t have the Intensify trait. Instead, they have the trait Spawn Ragefire As an action, a Huge or Gargantuan ragefire elemental incinerates the corpse of a humanoid that it killed within the last minute and whose space the elemental occupies. A newly-created ragefire spawn (a Tiny ragefire elemental) appears in an empty space within 5 feet of the spawning elemental.

Ragefire elementals embody the chaos and evil of their Abyssal heritage, manifesting in demonic forms of living flame, smoke, ash, and cinders. They exist to incinerate life and, in so doing, grow stronger and more destructive.

A ragefire elemental cannot enter water or any other nonflammable liquid. A body of water is an impassible barrier unless the ragefire elemental can step or jump over it or the water is covered with a layer of something flammable, such as oil.

Size HP Attack Damage Burn CR
Tiny 33 +3 1d4+3 1d4 1
Small 52 +4 1d6+3 1d6 2
Medium 75 +5 1d10+3 1d8 3
Large 102 +6 2d6+3 1d10 5
Huge 124 +7 3d10+3 1d12 8
Gargantuan 189 +8 4d10+3 1d20 11
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