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Epic Elemental

There are places where the Elemental Planes brush up against one another and in these raging storms of primal conflict there are furies born, things of such immense power that many have thought them to be gods. Known by some scholars as epic elementals, the nature of how these creatures come to exist at all heavily influences their temperament and disposition, and though they share some similar birthplaces the circumstances of how each is created remains unique—and they violently hate their fundamental opposites.

None are known to be particularly friendly, polite, or agreeable but there are a few lucky explorers that have managed to parlay with the extraplanar entities for favors and secret knowledge of their planar homes.

When one of these enormous creatures wander the multiverse they seek out their elements wherever each appears strongest in a given dimension in a constant struggle to achieve greater context for their massive intellects; although brilliant, without attaining a greater understanding of reality their thinking remains limited. Epic elementals also seek out worshipers to aid them, as well as relics associated with their opposing elements (with the intent of destruction). Wherever they remain for an extended length of time, they alter the landscape to create massive tributes to themselves—sliding canyons, unearthed volcanos, glacial mountains that carry the sky’s chill down to the lowlands, lakes over which there are constant lightning storms, and so on.

Epic elementals are drawn out by planar injunctions and when extremely potent rituals go awry. This is when they are at their angriest because the first hour their entirety is filled with pain on a molecular level, suffering so complete that it can only briefly be sated with powerful magical healing (50 hit points or more each round). Given the torment they endure, epic elementals tend to lay waste to everything around wherever they appear shortly after their arrival.

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