Faceless Wanderer

Medium aberration, neutral evil

Armor Class 13
Hit Points 58 (9d8 + 18)
Speed 0 ft., fly 30 ft. (hover)

12 (+1) 17 (+3) 14 (+2) 16 (+3) 12 (+1) 10 (+0)

Saving Throws Wis +3
Damage Resistances cold
Damage Immunities poison, psychic
Condition Immunities blinded, exhaustion, poisoned, prone
Senses blindsight 60 ft., passive Perception 12
Languages all, telepathy 60 ft.
Challenge 4 (1,100 XP)

Special Traits

  • Memory Loss. A creature that sees or interacts with a faceless wanderer must make a DC 11 Wisdom saving throw 1 minute after the faceless wanderer leaves. On a failure, the details of the faceless wanderer and the events surrounding its appearance rapidly fade away from the creature’s mind, including the presence of the faceless wanderer.
  • Regeneration. The faceless wanderer regains 5 hp at the start of its turn. If a creature hasn’t failed the saving throw of the faceless wanderer’s Memory Drain within the last 1 minute, this trait doesn’t function until a creature fails it. If a faceless wanderer is reduced to 0 hp while it is still capable of regenerating, its body dissipates into vapor and reforms 1d10 days later somewhere in the Void. Otherwise, it is permanently destroyed.


  • Multiattack. The faceless wanderer makes two attacks, but it can use its Memory Drain only once.
  • Claws. Melee Weapon Attack: +5 to hit, reach 5 ft., one target. Hit: 6 (1d6 + 3) slashing damage plus 7 (2d6) psychic damage.
  • Memory Drain. The faceless wanderer drains memories from an adult creature within 30 feet of it. The target must make a DC 13 Intelligence saving throw. On a failure, the target takes 14 (4d6) psychic damage and its Intelligence score is reduced by 1d4. The target dies if this reduces its Intelligence to 0. A humanoid slain in this way rises 1d4 hours later as a new faceless wanderer. Otherwise, the reduction lasts until the target finishes a short or long rest. On a success, the target takes half the damage and its Intelligence score isn’t reduced.


The robed figure formed of tattered shadows and swirling darkness has a bone-white, featureless oval disk where its face should be.

Corporeal Shadow. Faceless wanderers are creatures made of solid darkness. They are spawned from the Void whenever the minds of a large group of sentient creatures are broken or twisted as a result of exposure to the Void or its denizens. The minds and memories of living creatures draw them to mortal realms.

Memory Eater. The faceless wanderers survive by stealing memories from sentient humanoids and create new faceless wanderers when they completely drain a humanoid of its memories. Curiously, faceless wanderers don’t harm young humanoids and sometimes even aid them. Scholars speculate this odd behavior is because children possess fewer memories than adults.

Void Traveler. The faceless wanderer doesn’t require air, food, drink, sleep, or ambient pressure.

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