Giant, Cave Giant Shaman

Family: Giant

Huge giant, chaotic evil

Armor Class 16 (natural armor)
Hit Points 207 (18d12 + 90)
Speed 40 ft.

27 (+8) 10 (+0) 20 (+5) 10 (+0) 15 (+2) 21 (+5)

Saving Throws Dex +5, Con +10, Wis +7
Skills Arcana +5, Athletics +13, Perception +7, Survival +7
Senses darkvision 120 ft., passive Perception 17
Languages Common, Giant
Challenge 14 (11,500 XP)

Special Traits


  • Multiattack. The cave giant shaman makes two attacks: one with its club and one with its tusks.
  • Club. Melee Weapon Attack: +13 to hit, reach 10 ft., one target. Hit: 15 (3d4 + 8) bludgeoning damage.
  • Tusks. Melee Weapon Attack: +13 to hit, reach 10 ft., one target. Hit: 22 (4d6 + 8) slashing damage, and, if the target is a Large or smaller creature, it must succeed on a DC 20 Strength saving throw or be knocked prone.
  • Rock. Ranged Weapon Attack: +13 to hit, range 60/240 ft., one creature. Hit: 30 (4d10 + 8) bludgeoning damage.


This massive, bipedal creature has a slight hunch, making its long arms appear even longer. It wields a massive club etched with sigils. A pair of yellow tusks, adorned with rings of all materials, protrudes from its lower jaw.

Cave giant shamans are gifted spellcasters who believe they are suited to consume spellcasting humanoids and absorb the humanoids’ power. While the truth to this claim is dubious, there is no doubting their arcane prowess. They gravitate toward magic that allows them to change the composition of all materials, including air, flesh, and stone.

Practical Leader. Cave giant shamans are less superstitious than lesser cave giants and have learned to employ superstitions as a weapon to maintain power or convince the giants to do something they may not otherwise wish to do. Despite their more practical approaches to the world around them, cave giant shamans still jealously hoard the flesh of known spellcasters to sustain or enhance their power.

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