Hag, Annis

Family: Hags

Large fey, neutral evil

Armor Class 16 (natural armor)
Hit Points 119 (14d10 + 42)
Speed 30 ft.

18 (+4) 10 (+0) 16 (+3) 14 (+2) 12 (+1) 16 (+3)

Skills Deception +9, Perception +4, Stealth +3
Senses darkvision 60 ft., passive Perception 14
Languages Common, Deep Speech
Challenge 5 (1,800 XP)

Special Traits

  • Innate Spellcasting. The annis hag’s innate spellcasting ability is Charisma (spell save DC 14). She can innately cast the following spells, requiring no material components:
  • Warty Skin. The annis hag’s warty skin is always present, though it changes with her form. Her warty skin might manifest as coarse, bumpy fur if she is an animal, as a hard and lumpy interior if she is a stuffed toy, or as a network of scratches or tarnish if she is an object like a candelabra. Whatever the form the hag takes, a creature that touches her immediately notices the bumpy or scratchy quality and knows the object or animal is not as it appears. Otherwise, a creature must take an action to visually inspect the hag’s form and succeed on a DC 20 Intelligence (Investigation) check to discern that the hag is disguised.


  • Multiattack (hag form only). The annis hag makes two Claw attacks. She can use her Life Drain in place of one Claw attack.
  • Claws (hag form only). Melee Weapon Attack: +7 to hit, reach 5 ft., one target. Hit: 13 (2d8 + 4) slashing damage, and the target is grappled (escape DC 15). The hag has two claws, each of which can grapple only one target.
  • Life Drain. Melee Spell Attack: +6 to hit, reach 5 ft., one creature grappled by the hag. Hit: 13 (3d8) necrotic damage. The target must succeed on a DC 15 Constitution saving throw or its hit point maximum is reduced by an amount equal to the damage taken. This reduction lasts until the creature finishes a long rest. The target dies if this effect reduces its hit point maximum to 0.
  • Change Shape. The annis hag magically polymorphs into a Tiny or Small beast or object, usually a young animal or a child’s toy, or back into her true form. Her statistics are the same in each form. Any equipment she is wearing or carrying isn’t transformed. She reverts to her true form if she dies.
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