Kalas-Toa Whip

Medium humanoid, neutral evil

Armor Class 15 (natural armor, shield)
Hit Points 50 (9d8+9)
Speed 30 ft., swim 60 ft.

14 (+2) 10 (+0) 13 (+1) 11 (+0) 17 (+3) 8 (-1)

Skills Perception +4
Senses darkvision 120 ft., passive Perception 17
Languages Undercommon, Kalas-Toan
Challenge 3 (700 XP)


  • Amphibious. Kalas-toa breathe both air and water.
  • Slimy. All saves and ability checks to escape a grapple made by kalas-toa have advantage.
  • Sensitive Eyes. All rolls made by kalas-toa in sunlight to attack or see with Wisdom (perception) are at disadvantage.
  • Inspiring Presence. All other Kalas-toa gain +2 to damage on all attacks with weapons if a whip is within 30 ft.



      • Goopy Shield. Melee attacks that miss a kalas-toa may become stuck on shield’s goopy coating. The opponent must make a Strength saving throw (DC 11) or their weapon becomes stuck. Unless they let, go, the wielder becomes grappled and is unable to use their weapon. Weapons are pulled free from the shield using an action and making another Strength check (DC 11).


The kalas-toa are a race of subterranean fishmen. They possess long, gangly bodies with dark scales and light underbellies. Their stomachs are typically distended and paunch. They have large, broad bulbous eyes, located on the sides of their thin fish-shaped heads, that constantly swivel and dark back and forth. Their voices sound like the gurgling noises of a drowning man. Their hands and feet are webbed, and their skin exudes a slimy coating. Kalas-toans do not wear armor, instead they use harnesses to carry equipment and decorate themselves with pearls, beads, and shells. They can breathe both air and water and move equally well on land or sea.

The kalas-toan are organized into a rigid theocracy. For every group of four warriors (4, 8, 12, and so on) there is a 1-2 on d6 cumulative chance of a cleric (6th or 7th level), called a Whip, leading the warband. Whips are devotees of an evil and obscure deity called the Matron of the Deep – a strange lobster-headed female of their species. The presence of a whip inspires kalas-toan warriors.

For every whip-led warband of kalas-toa, there is a cumulative 2 on d6 chance of an elite class of fanatical clerics called monitors. Monitors are normally between 7th to 10th level and move at double normal rate.

Monitors are ferocious religious zealots and eschew weapons in combat. They border on the edge of insanity. (1-2 on d6 chance they will go insane during combat.

A kalas-toan warband or patrol may (50%) include a group of 1d8+6 random slaves, normally with their tongues cut out. Slaves can include dwarves, derro, orcs, goblins, kobold, norkers, etc. Their deity, the Matron of the Deep, demands the ritualistic blood sacrifice of surface-dwellers and enemies.

They reproduce in special ritual spawning pools that are heavily-guarded and considered sacred. Kalastoan speak their own language. Warband leaders, whips and monitors may also speak duergar and drow.

They will speak other languages, subject to various races in their vicinity.

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