NPC, Aristocrat

Medium humanoid, (human), any

Armor Class 15 (breastplate)
Hit Points 13 (3d8)
Speed 30 ft.

12 (+1) 12 (+1) 10 (+0) 12 (+1) 14 (+2) 16 (+3)

Saving Throws Wis +4, Cha +5
Skills Deception +5, Insight +4, Persuasion +5
Tool Proficiencies Land Vehicles
Senses passive Perception 12
Languages Aigyptian, Common (Greek)
Challenge 1 (200 XP)


  • Khopesh (Longsword). Melee Weapon Attack: +3 to hit, reach 5 ft., one creature. Hit: 5 (1d8+1) slashing damage.
  • Dagger. Melee or Ranged Weapon Attack: +3 to hit, reach 5 ft. or range 20/60 ft., one creature. Hit: 4 (1d4+2) piercing damage.
  • Longbow. Ranged Weapon Attack: +3 to hit, range 150/600 ft., one creature. Hit: 6 (1d8+2) piercing damage.


  • Parry. An Aristocrat adds 2 to its AC against one melee attack that would hit it. To do so, it must see the attacker and be wielding a melee weapon.


As members of the upper class, possessing wealth and connections that grant them power, Aristocrats wield great authority and influence. They are often accompanied by guards, servants who are generally Commoners or Villagers, and advisors who might be Acolytes or Priests.

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