Profane Lich Master

Medium undead, neutral evil

Armor Class 18 (natural armor)
Hit Points 190 (20d8 + 100)
Speed 30 ft.

20 (+5) 12 (+1) 20 (+5) 19 (+4) 22 (+6) 20 (+5)

Saving Throws Str +12, Dex +8, Con +12, Int +11, Wis +13
Skills Nature +11, Perception +13, Survival +13
Damage Resistances cold, lightning, necrotic
Damage Immunities poison; bludgeoning, piercing, and slashing from nonmagical attacks
Condition Immunities charmed, exhaustion, frightened, paralyzed, poisoned
Senses truesight 120 ft., passive Perception 23
Languages Abyssal, Common, Infernal, plus up to four other languages
Challenge 23 (50,000 XP)

Special Traits


  • Commanding Warhammer. Melee Weapon Attack: +12 to hit, reach 5 ft., one target. Hit: 9 (1d8 + 5) bludgeoning damage, plus 9 (2d8) necrotic damage, and the target must succeed on a DC 20 Wisdom saving throw, or be charmed by the master for 1 minute. A creature can repeat the saving throw at the end of each of its turns, ending the effect on itself on a success.
  • Restore Undeath. The master touches a willing undead creature, within 5 feet of it, and expends a spell slot to channel negative energy. The target regains 10 (1d8 + 6) hit points plus an additional 4 (1d8) hit points for each slot level above 1st of the expended spell slot.
  • Bane of Life (3/Day). The master presents its holy symbol and speaks a baleful command, chastising the living. Each creature within 30 feet of the master, other than constructs, fiends, and undead, must succeed on a DC 21 Wisdom saving throw, or be frightened for 1 minute, or until it takes any damage. If a creature with a challenge rating of 4 or lower fails its saving throw against this effect, it immediately drops to 0 hit points. A frightened creature must spend its turns moving as far away from the master as it can. As its action, the creature can only use Dash actions, or to try to escape an effect that prevents it from moving. If it has nowhere to move, the creature can use the Dodge action.

Legendary Actions

The master can take 3 legendary actions, choosing from the options below. Only one legendary action option can be used at a time, and only at the end of another creature’s turn. The master regains spent legendary actions at the start of its turn.

  • Cantrip. The master casts a cantrip.
  • Commanding Warhammer (Costs 2 Actions). The master attacks with its Commanding Warhammer.
  • Unholy Healing (Costs 2 Actions). The master uses its Restore Undeath ability.
  • Profane Sermon (Costs 3 Actions). The master speaks a portion of an unholy sermon. Creatures within 30 feet that can hear the master, other than undead, must make a DC 21 Constitution saving throw, taking 13 (3d8) necrotic damage on a failed save, or half as much damage on a successful one. Additionally, undead creatures within 30 feet, that can hear the master, regain 9 (2d8) hit points.
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Ultimate Bestiary: The Dreaded Accursed, Copyright 2020, Chris Haskins, Nord Games LLC.