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Yeti, Snowblind

Medium humanoid, lawful neutral
Hit Points 105 (15d10 + 60)

Armor Class 18 (tactical armor and riot shield)
Speed 30 ft.

20 14 18 12 12 8

Languages The Yeti speaks any 2 languages
Condition Immunities is not blinded or hindered by smoke, fog, or haze.
Challege 10 (5,900 XP)

Special Traits

  • Tactical Grenades A Snowblind Yeti carries 4 different kinds of grenades. Each grenade may be thrown as an action, targeting a point within 90 feet. They start an encounter with 4 of the GM’s choice to use.
    • Flashbang: The grenade detonates with a loud explosion and a flash of light. All creatures within 20 feet of the point of impact must make a Constitution Saving Throw DC 16 or be blinded and deafened. An affected creature may make a new saving throw at the end of each of their turns to end the effects.
    • Teleportation: The yeti can teleport to the location where the grenade landed or the nearest adjacent square if the area is occupied.
    • Demolition: The grenade detonates with a concentrated blast of force. This deals 10d10 damage to all creatures within 15 feet of the targeted point. Creatures may make a Dexterity Saving Throw DC 16 for half damage. If this area overlaps a piece of terrain, architecture or unattended objects, they are destroyed.
    • Smoke: The grenade creates a 20foot radius of smoke that blocks line of sight. Creatures that start their turn in the smoke take 2d6 poison damage from the smoke. The Snowblind Yeti is immune to this smoke.


  • Multiattack. The Snowblind Yeti may make two Shield Slams or Shield Throws in any combination using one attack action.
  • Shield Slam. Mekee Weapon Attack: +9 to hit, reach 5 feet. Hit: 2d8 + 4 damage and the target must make a DC 14 Strength Saving Throw. If they fail, the Snowblind Yeti can choose to knock them prone or push them away 10 feet. Creatures that are prone or adjacent to a wall take an additional 2d6 damage.
  • Shield Throw Ranged Weapon Attack: ++9 to hit, range 30/90. Hit: 2d8 + 4 and the target must make a DC 14 Constitution Saving Throw or be stunned until the end of their next turn. The shield returns to the Snowblind Yeti after the attack, unless someone grabbed it or took possession somehow.


The Snowblind Syndicate is a feared and powerful criminal organization. They owe a considerable portion of this reputation to their highly trained special forces called Yetis. Trained in high end military grade weaponry and fitted in thick, powerful, armor, they are useful muscle in back heists or other acts of larceny that need someone that can smash down a door and then provide cover fire.

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