Zombie, Carcharodon

Family: Zombies

Gargantuan undead, neutral evil

Armor Class 13 (natural armor)
Hit Points 332 (19d20 + 133)
Speed 0 ft., swim 60 ft.

30 (+10) 6 (-2) 24 (+7) 1 (-5) 3 (-4) 5 (-3)

Damage Immunities poison
Condition Immunities exhaustion, poisoned
Senses blindsight 60 ft., passive Perception 6
Challenge 18 (20,000 XP)


  • Blood Frenzy. The carcharodon zombie has advantage on melee attack rolls against any creature that doesn’t have all its hit points.
  • Turn Resistance. The carcharodon zombie has advantage on saving throws against any effect that turns undead.
  • Undead Fortitude. If damage reduces the carcharodon zombie to 0 hit points, it must make a Constitution saving throw with a DC of 5 + the damage taken, unless the damage is radiant or from a critical hit. On a success, the carcharodon zombie drops to 1 hit points instead.


  • Multiattack. The carcharodon zombie makes two Bite attacks.
  • Bite. Melee Weapon Attack: +10 to hit, reach 5ft., one target. Hit: 22 (3d10 + 6) piercing damage.


Zombie carcharodons are giant undead sharks that roam the seas, looking to sate their never-ending hunger on the ships and sailors of the world. Schools of normal sharks may be found swimming alongside their larger zombie brethren. They often fall victim to the frenzied thrashing of the undead carcharodon when it tastes blood in the water.

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