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Adventuring Companion

With this feat you attract a squire, sidekick, cohort, apprentice, bodyguard, or other sort of companion. Chose one of the following from Appendix B of the System Reference Document: Acolyte, Bandit, Cultist, Guard, Noble, Scout, Thug, or Tribal Warrior. At your GM’s discretion you may select some other customized companion with a challenge rating of ¼ or lower. The companion’s alignment is the same or very similar to yours. The GM determines the companion’s race, gender, age, background, and other characteristics.

In return for their service, you agree to train them and provide for their basic needs (food, shelter, etc.). The companion helps and serves you to the best of their ability. They may perform many menial tasks such as errands, portage, research, or donning armor. They may also help in combat. They take their turns on your initiative and obey your directions in combat. As long as the companion is within 60 feet of you, they use your proficiency bonus for attacks, saving throws, and skills they are proficient in, as they are actively learning from you. However, if you fall unconscious or move more than 60 feet away, they lose this bonus. The companion will not tolerate abuse and will abandon you or turn on you if they feel mistreated. Companions do not gain experience points or advance in level while they serve you. After studying under you for a time, they eventually move on to pursue career opportunities elsewhere and must be replaced with a new recruit. If a companion dies or leaves, you can spend 8 hours recruiting a new one. You can also dismiss your current companion and recruit a new one.

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