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Your physiology is well adapted for consuming and enduring the effects of potions, granting you the following benefits.

  • When you would drink a potion as an action, you may instead drink it as a bonus action.
  • When the duration of a potion you drank would end, you can choose to concentrate on it (as though concentrating on a spell). If you do so, the potion’s duration continues for as long as you maintain concentration, instead of for its normal duration.
  • The effects of potions upon you are not considered magical effects.

The degree to which a drinker’s ability score can be altered by the elixir is based on the potion’s rarity, as detailed in the Elixir Effect by Rarity table. When the elixir is consumed, the creature’s ability score becomes the value shown in the Ability Score Value column, and the effects last for 1 hour. If an effect would again alter the ability score of a creature benefiting from an elixir, the elixir’s effect immediately ends. Additionally, a creature can only benefit from a single elixir at a time. If it drinks a second elixir while another elixir is in effect, the first elixir’s effect immediately ends.

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