Audire Shepherd

Prerequisite(s): Audirefunglet

You have embraced your role as a shepherd of the fungal forests. You gain the following benefits:

  • You can assume the form of a Medium living tree or fungus with a small number of limbs. The exact nature of the tree or fungus and its appearance is completely under your control. Even the closest inspection cannot reveal that the tree in question is actually a magically concealed creature. To all normal tests you are, in fact, a tree or fungus, although detect magic detects a faint aura of transmutation. While in this form, you can observe all that transpires around you as if you were in your normal form and your abilities are unaffected. You gain a damage threshold of 5, but have a Dexterity score of 1 and a speed of 0 feet. You are immune to critical hits while in tree form and you cannot cast spells with somatic components while in this form. You can revert to your normal form as a bonus action on your turn.
  • You may, as an action, extend root-like rhizomes to burrow ten feet down into the earth. To do so, you must be on dirt, sand or any other easily dug soil (gravel, sheet rock, slate and similar harder substances thwart this use of the feat). You can move part of your bulk down alongside your rhizomes, potentially up to halving your height. You can only burrow down and you can burrow no further in any direction, save back up. You are proficient in the Stealth skill and receive advantage on Dexterity (Stealth) checks while using this ability and also become immune to the prone condition. If you manage to surprise a creature and hit it in the first round of combat with a melee attack after using this ability, the target must succeed a Dexterity saving throw against DC 8 + your proficiency bonus + your Constitution or Wisdom modifier (your choice) or become prone, as you resume your normal form.
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