Awareness on Dark Winds

Prerequisite: Ranger level 8

While it is assuredly true that you are ‘territorial,’ you have also laid claim to hunting-grounds which extend from horizon to horizon. You possess the deadliest of supernatural senses, capable of hearing the whispers of certain terrible secrets upon the far-away breeze and of stealing visions from those whom you stalk, cripple and consume. With the blasphemous gifts given over by your mighty patron, you are truly the most fearsome of all predators, making your prey of all those who live. None who have glimpsed the hidden rites or heard uttered the forbidden lore of your order shall ever sleep safely again, knowing that you listen in the blackness.

You can hear your name, your title or the name of Pazuzu spoken aloud within a range of 10 miles per character level; you know the immediate direction to – and the rough distance toward – any favored enemy within that range. You gain advantage on Charisma (Deception), Intelligence (Nature), Wisdom (Perception), and Wisdom (Insight), and Wisdom (Survival) checks against favored enemies, as well as a +2 bonus on weapon attack and damage rolls against them.

In addition, any creature who has spoken your name, your title, or the name of Pazuzu within the last 24 hours is treated as though it were a member of your favored enemy type – regardless of the creature’s actual type.

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