Battlefield Grace

Once battle begins, you gain a supernatural connection to the ebb and flow of combat.

You receive the following benefits:

  • When an enemy or ally you can see within 60 feet must make a death saving throw, as a reaction you can grant that creature advantage or impose disadvantage on the die roll. You may use this ability once between short rests.
  • When a friendly creature you can see within 30 feet drops to 0 hit points, as a reaction you can expend one of your hit dice, healing that creature by the amount rolled plus your Charisma bonus (minimum of 1). This ability and your hit die expended recharges following a long rest.
  • If any of your chosen comrades on the battlefield drops to 0 hit points, you immediately know their general direction and distance, and how close to death they are, including the most serious condition afflicting them. You retain this awareness so long as you are conscious, even if you are blinded or deafened.
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