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Beast Companion

Prerequisite(s): Atalanta or Saeming bloodline

With this feat you attract a creature of the beast type to be your companion. Choose a beast with a challenge rating of ¼ or lower, such as a mastiff, panther, hawk, riding horse, vulture, or wolf. The beast companion serves you to the best of its ability. It takes its turn on your initiative and obeys your directions in combat. It can be instructed to take the Attack, Dash, Disengage, or Help actions. You must use an action to issue these commands. If you have more than one attack per turn, you can use one of your attacks to issue commands to the beast companion. Lacking any command, the beast’s default action is to dodge.

Your proficiency bonus is added to the beast’s attack and damage rolls, saving throws, AC, and skill checks that it is proficient with. Its maximum hit points are equal to 4 times your character level. The companion will use its reactions and bonus actions without being instructed. If you are unconscious or otherwise unable to issue commands to the beast, it will act on its own and attempt to protect you and itself. If a beast companion dies, you can spend 8 hours recruiting a new one. You can also dismiss your current companion and recruit a new one.

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