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Bits and Pieces

You can understand a place by sifting through odds and ends.

Prerequisite(s): Eostrix

Benefit(s): After observing the normal belongings, objects, and thrown-off trash of a place, you are granted a divine insight into the potential locations of treasures and the abilities of those that might provide advantages or be threats to a common thief. As an action, this can be used once per long rest. For each 2 HD spent, the player can choose one item from the following list:

  1. Potential Locations of monetary wealth, provide a vague estimate of wealth value.
  2. Background of local law enforcement—provides 3 scraps of relevant information about unlawful behavior.
  3. Tumor Location of magical power—a scrap of relevant information, one location on a map, and a vague estimate of magical power.
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