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Body Control

You can exert mental control over your body such that you can do any of the following:

  • Use your reaction to hold your breath for an additional number of minutes equal to 1 + your Wisdom modifier (minimum of an additional minute).
  • Use your reaction to ignore the effects of exhaustion until you next complete a short rest. You retain your exhaustion level, it just has no effect on you.
  • Use your action to go into a death-like trance for up to 4 + your Wisdom modifier in hours (minimum of 1 hour). During this time you are blinded and incapacitated and your speed drops to 0. You are able to hold your breath for the entire duration, and any disease or poison has no effect on you until the trance ends. You can end the trance at any time before its duration is up at a bonus action.
  • Use your reaction to gain advantage on your next saving throw against disease, fear, pain, paralysis, or poison.

After you have used Body Control once, each additional use before you finish a short rest gives you a level of exhaustion. You regain your use of Body Control when you finish a short rest.

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