Call of Community

You can glean information and arrange to receive resources from your hometown, even if you are far away. Earthborn characters with this feat draw upon contacts in the first friendly city or village they encountered. Once per long rest, you may take an hour to make the necessary preparations — whether it be a ritual connecting you to minds back home, or sending messages to contacts — and make an Intelligence (Investigation) roll at DC 13: if you succeed, you can choose two from the following options: knowledge of the nearest landmark lying between you and your destination, a contact who can assist you in your current quest, a used but still functional shield (must be nonmagical), used but functional armor (must be nonmagical) which you or a chosen ally are proficient in, or a used but sturdy set of tools (must be nonmagical). If the check fails, you can only choose one benefit from the options given. This feature resets after a long rest.

Section 15: Copyright Notice

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