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Campfire Expert

Always a favorite amongst your companions, you have mastered the art of creating a perfect campfire. There are many methods and additives to this craft that you are a pioneer of. When you take a long rest and set up a campfire, choose one of the following.

  • Darkfire. Your campfire radiates dim light for 30 feet. Outside of that zone, the light is invisible.
  • Aromatherapy. The bolstering herbs you place in the fire nourish and enrich the senses. Anyone who sleeps within 30 feet of the fire gains +1 to their proficiency bonus until one hour after the long rest is over.
  • Wildlure. Beasts are attracted to the scent of the fire, making hunting significantly easier. Halve any time you require to hunt and double the bounty.
  • Shadowguard. The shadowy tendrils of the flames play tricks on the eyes. The fire’s shadows can take the shape of armed guards patrolling the campgrounds. This may dissuade would-be brigands or assassins.
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