Prerequisite: Intelligence 13 or higher, and proficiency with game set (cards)

Your supernatural insights and card-cunning are one and the same.

  • When you draw a card—in-universe as your character or at the table as a player—you can use this feat to look at the top card of the deck before drawing. You can choose to keep that card on the top of the deck, or to place the card on the bottom of the deck. Once you use this ability, you must complete a long rest or a short rest to use it again.
  • Whenever you complete a game of cards or a tarot reading, you learn certain information about one other creature involved. The GM tells you two of the creature’s qualities or scores from following: Intelligence score, Charisma score, Wisdom score, any proficient skills related to one such ability, Personality Trait, Ideal, or Bond.
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