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Conjunctive Attunement

Through intensive study of the nature of magic and the process of creating and maintaining magic items, you learn to circumvent normal attunement limits by joining two items together in synchronicity. To do so, you must spend a short rest performing various minor rituals, incantations, and meditation while touching two magic items of different types. Once this short rest is completed you may attune both items with a single attunement slot. These two items are forevermore considered one item with regard to attunement by you. If you break your attunement to one of the items, your attunement to both items breaks. You may not later attune either of the items unless you attune them both. If one of the items is cursed, both items are considered cursed, requiring two castings of remove curse to allow breaking attunement on both items.

As a result of this technique, you can be attuned to a maximum of four magical items, rather than the normal limit of three. Other attunement limitations still apply.

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