You are a nimble and dangerous foe aboard a ship.

Prerequisite(s): Spent at least 1 month working on a ship.


  • Increase your Dexterity score by 1, to a maximum of 20.
  • You get a +2 bonus on initiative checks made while on a ship or in an aquatic environment and deal an additional +1 damage when using light or one-handed weapons on a ship or in an aquatic environment.
  • While you are on a ship, if an enemy would have advantage when attacking you, they gain disadvantage.
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Pirate Campaign Compendium © 2018, Legendary Games; Lead Designer Jason Nelson. Authors: Alex Augunas, Jeff Gomez, Matt Goodall, Jim Groves, Tim Hitchcock, Victoria Jaczko, Jonathan H. Keith, Lyz Liddell, Thomas J. Phillips, Alistair J. Rigg, Alex Riggs, Loren Sieg, Neil Spicer, Todd Stewart, Rachel Ventura, Michael D. Welham, Linda Zayas-Palmer.